Our comforting conviction that the world makes sense rests on a secure foundation: our almost unlimited ability to ignore our ignorance.
~Daniel Kahneman, "Thinking Fast and Slow"

Thank you for a very powerful and
thought-provoking presentation. I
heard so many positive comments
regarding your presentation.
Teachers connected on so many
different levels. It is not often I field so
many positive statements regarding a
keynote. Thank you for taking the time to put together
this presentation. It was truly well received.

-Esther Mongan, Ed.D., Assistant Superintendent, Central Distric 301

Roger was a speaker at Harbor Chase in Naperville. He was an outstanding well-spoken speaker with such passion and astounding statistics. . It was refreshing to hear him speak so well on such a tough topic that is so prevalent in our society.

-Elizabeth Howard, Senior Service Provider

Roger brings a breath of fresh air and Aloha every time he visits our club and shares his words if wisdom. We appreciate the time and energy he devotes to help improve the lives of others.

-Paul Vierling. Windward Oahu Sunrise Rotary Club, Honolulu, Hawai'i

In my world we're trained to think about the "whats" the "hows" the "wheres" and the "whens."  But what you encouraged me to think about today more than those questions are the "who we are" and the "why we are."  Those are the questions that truly matter - and questions i don't get to think about enough because i'm too focused on the what when and where, and how I'm going to get something done.

-Tim McLean, Attorney-at-Law, Clingen Callow & McLean, LLC

Thank you to this week's speaker: Roger E. Breisch, Speaker Provocateur. He spoke on numerous topics including pattern-making and other brain issues. ... We were captivated by his stories and all enjoyed his talk immensely!

-Phillip Hartweg, President, Kiwanis Club of Central DuPage

This morning was amazing. I wasn't sure where Batavia was and how long it would take me to get here in rush hour traffic. But i can't say enough about what I learned, what I'm taking back to my office, back to my personal life, and going out in the world and doing exactly what i'm supposed to be doing, only doing it better today because of Roger and this amazing morning.

-Deborah Sakelaris, Author, Executive Coach, Leadership Development Speaker

You always give an insight, you look at things from an acute angle.  You are always willing to challenge a point of view…  a seminar like this causes us to really reflect on what we're doing…  you've always been helpful to so many people and I feel blessed to know you.

-Ron Saballus, Business Development Specialist, Saballus Consulting Group

Our Peer Education students were touched by your powerful presentation! You inspired them to know their worth, refute negative self talk when it arises, listen to truth tellers, and know they are indeed lovable!

-Angie Southard, Radford High School, Honolulu, Hawai'i

There is no doubt your presentation has an impact on our students. The way you are able to share your experiences and wisdom with kids has helped them perceive the world and life experiences in a whole new way. I hope more students get to hear your message. Thank you does not say enough.

-Laura Kurtyak, Health Educator, Neuqua Valley High School, Naperville, Illinois

Words cannot express my appreciation and admiration for Roger. His ability to reach out to audiences and to get them to reflect is amazing. To see the transformation in 90+ sixth grade students was astounding. If you ever need an amazing guest speaker, Roger is your guy. Did I mention that he is amazing?

-Jolene Badour Weir, Middle School Science Teacher, St, Charles, Illinois

Roger did a wonderful job approaching such a difficult topic. His passion was evident and our Residents and guests were riveted to his stories and his insight. Our seniors felt needed and worthwhile after hearing Roger. They talked about it for days after he left! It is such an important message that everyone needs to hear!

-Karla Burn, Marketing Director, Resthave Home Assisted Living Center

Today was interesting!  You certainly gave our residents something to think about. Several times throughout the day they were talking about you and your message. One resident, Susan, who has never had children didn't realize or had never thought of this idea before…  Another resident, Joe, who is 95 was excited to tell me everything he learned from you. Another lady who is generally negative also said how much she liked this type of presentation. She led today's discussions and I was impressed with her positivity. So I just want to express my gratitude for you taking the initiative to introduce yourself to us and making the commitment to sharing your words…  Thank you so very much for your gift. I really cannot thank you enough.

-Jill Ann Biondo, Engage Life Director, Atria Seville Senior Living, Las Vegas

I want to learn more from Roger Breisch.  When i think of the world's great thinkers, like Emerson and Abraham Lincoln and Einstein - I'm not kidding…  I think of Roger Breisch.  I drove a total of 600 miles to be here today and I would have driven 10 times that to hear anything he has to say. So Roger -- when you are planting seeds on this planet I want to to see what grows from them.

-Kelly Standing, Author & Professional Speaker