The Generations Project

Changing the Course of Human History — One Person at a Time

In an era of decreasing interpersonal connection and increasing focus on screens and technology, the eldest among us know better than most the power of compassionate conversation. After spending thousands of hours counseling teens in leadership forums and on a depression / suicide hotline, Roger Breisch has gained insight into how much influence seniors can have on future generations. It’s a special relationship between our oldest and youngest generations — one that can energize, heal and inspire both groups. Unfortunately, teens are keeping quiet about their suffering. Mr. Breisch believes that now is our elders’ opportunity to reach out — to their grandchildren, other relatives, or through church or community groups — that the very power of change in our communities resides in their hands.

“I hope to encourage and inspire your residents to open up lines of communication with young people to help ease their pain — and in the process, discover opportunities for healing within themselves.”   – Roger Breisch