Affirming Life: Finding Joy & Wisdom on the
Other Side Of Suffering

Beyond Measure

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The Importance of Questions

We all have them. They animate our lives. Who am I? Why am I here? What are my gifts and am I able to actualize them through my work in the world? In the end, will my life have had meaning? These and others are the questions we long to answer along the journey of life. No one can answer them for us. We must struggle through them on our own unique path.

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The most powerful way to step through life with grace is to animate our dialogue with more questions…and end fewer sentences with periods.

Questions open the possibility for new and varied futures. Answers rip alternatives from our lives.

What does it feel like to be wrong? In her book Being Wrong: Adventures in the Margin of Error Kathryn Schulz suggests it feels the same as being right, because before we realize we are wrong, we think we are right. Life only becomes difficult when we suffer the embarrassment, indignity and guilt of discovering we have been wrong.

How often do we walk the fragile edge between right and wrong, not realizing we are about to suffer the indignity of being wrong? How frequently do we discover we have been mistaken, and hurt those we love? How much of what we believe today will we discover is misguided or just plain wrong as we travel into our tomorrows?

This website, and the work that supports it, can help you open new possibilities by asking “Questions That Matter.”