Being Wrong

How might you approach life differently if you knew that some large portion of the ideas and beliefs you hold today are misleading or even wrong? When I ask that question, some people are horrified by the thought—I would be afraid to open my mouth or even get out of bed; while others find it intriguing—I would be more inquisitive and ask more questions! Most people will admit the ideas and beliefs they hold today are often vastly different from those they held ten or twenty years ago. “So,” I ask, “isn’t it likely ten or twenty years hence, your ideas and beliefs will have, once again, morphed in unexpected ways?”

The world is in constant flux. Unless we hold our ideas and beliefs lightly, remain in a learning mindset, and be unceasingly prepared to challenge and alter them, we will someday find ourselves and our organizations out of step with the new reality. I have worked with many individuals and organizations to discover how new ideas can help them meet tomorrow’s challenges.